Long-term projects

Project in Kenia

Embassy of the Earth

Embassy of the Earth started out with the dream of establishing meeting places on every continent. These places exist specially to discuss an acute problem, as well as the changes which could help improve the situation.
Project in Gambia

Care for Natural

The Foundation Care for Natural is committed to employment opportunities in Gambia. Care for Natural manages a forest area that is being planted and protected. Additionally, there is a training centre in which local natural products like fruits, spices and nuts get processed into finished products.
Project in India

Fungus Free Frocks (3F)

APPL Foundation is a societal organization which commits in various ways to the wellbeing of people living on and around the tea plantations in Northeast India. The organization was founded by the tea company APPL (Amalgamated Plantation Private Limited). The project ‘Fungal Free Frocks’ was initiated by the foundation to decrease skin infections in monsoon time. Employees wash their clothing at the end of the day and due to the extreme humidity, it does not dry in time. Often, people then work in damp (under)clothes the next day, which quickly causes skin infections.
We stand for co-operation on projects, learning together and working on a better future together!

About the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation

We stand for cooperating on projects, learning from each other and working on a better future together! Based on the belief that people are happier when they are responsible and respected members of society, the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation supports projects that help underprivileged people to participate in society. Our goals are achieved when the projects have a regional impact or function as a model for other initiatives.
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