La Casa y Fábricia de Luz

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Indian TEA association Sanitary Napkins

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Long-term projects

Project in Burundi

Future Sowers

The foundation of de Toekomst Zaaiers (the Future Sowers) is a young organization of enthusiasts who dare to dream of a better world, but who do not leave it at that. They strongly believe in solidarity and in the will to tackle the problems of poverty and peace. That is why the Future Sowers want to create favorable conditions for the development of disadvantaged young people and give them the opportunity to act on an individual, professional, societal level. They believe that in this way young people will have a positive impact on society and therefore they can help to make it fairer.
Project in Bolivia

Casa d’ Alegria

The foundation of Casa de la Alegría helps children and adolescents in gaining social-emotional skills by letting them participate in workshop in theater, art, dance and music. During these workshops and activities a safe, relaxed environment is provided in which the youth can be children and where they learn skills to build a better future. Themes of the workshops are aggression, procession of trauma's, assertiveness, resilience and sex education.
Project in Spain

La Casa y Fábricia de Luz

La Casa y Fábrica de Luz is a project which aims to regenerate the local economy in a rural area in southern Spain.
We stand for co-operation on projects, learning together and working on a better future together!

About the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation

We stand for cooperating on projects, learning from each other and working on a better future together! Based on the belief that people are happier when they are responsible and respected members of society, the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation supports projects that help underprivileged people to participate in society. Our goals are achieved when the projects have a regional impact or function as a model for other initiatives.
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29 April 2020

Covid-19: Zorg van de Zaak Foundation helps partners out

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming increasingly apparent for partners of the Foundation. Therefore, we have immediately started financing projects that support the most vulnerable people. Extra food supplies (‘immune boosters’) are being provided, and health kits are being distributed, so the spreading of the virus can be contained as much as possible.
13 April 2020

Action for Burns and Children Foundation starts projects to prevent burns among children in slums in South Africa

Action for Burns and Children (ABC Foundation) is committed to preventing burns among children and the treatment of burns victims.Het ingezamelde geld ging naar het Phoenix Burn project. The collected money was intended for the Phoenix Burn Project. This project is committed to child-friendly treatments for severely burned children, rehabilitation and aftercare. Besides, the Phoenix Burn facilitates prevention projects, whereas courses are given about preventing burns in schools and churches in townships in Cape Town.
1 April 2020

The Stories of Naledi: – Proud of what has been achieved. Getting to work in the present. Working on the future!

During the ‘apartheid’, land workers on the farms were never sure of their future. All the rules were aimed at keeping the white farmers in power, and the workers in a position of dependence. After the end of the apartheid in 1990, this situation remained the same on many farms. The founders of the Earthrise Trust, together with the community of Naledi village, want to demonstrate that farms and communities in South Africa can be run in a more equitable way. Gino Govender, one of the founders of the Earthrise Trust: ‘Everything we do here is aimed at strengthening the dignity of the people.’