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Action for Burns and Children Foundation starts projects to prevent burns among children in slums in South Africa
13 April 2020

Action for Burns and Children Foundation starts projects to prevent burns among children in slums in South Africa

Action for Burns and Children (ABC Foundation) is committed to preventing burns among children and the treatment of burns victims. The Hike and Bike Challenge has been held annually since 2011. This charity tour is one of the important sources of income for this foundation. Participants from England, France, Australia and the Netherlands raised money for the ABC Foundation. The collected money was intended for the Phoenix Burn Project. This project is committed to child-friendly treatments for severely burned children, rehabilitation and aftercare. Besides, the Phoenix Burn facilitates prevention projects, whereas courses are given about preventing burns in schools and churches in townships in Cape Town. Due to these courses, the amount of admissions of children from the townships in Cape Town in burns centers has decreased tremendously. 

The Dutch team consists of both cyclists and hikers. The team has raised almost 25500 euros, of which 2000 euros sponsored by Zorg van de Zaak Foundation. With this great amount, the team started with full courage with this special Hike and Bike Challenge on Monday the 29th of October. 

Both the hike tour as the bike tour where very variable emotionally and physically. Despite some moments of suffer and small injuries, the participants enjoyed the journey and they get to know each other better. Also the roads the participants are taking are very diverse. The participants pass through the wild coastline of South Africa, hilly landscapes that feel almost at home due to the large numbers of cows, spectacular climbs with deep chasms and views of the ocean, jungle-like pictures and waterfalls. The team also passes one of the largest slumps of South Africa: “Very impressive and unimaginable the way people live in those slums. You can imagine what happens when a fire suddenly starts to burn”. At the end of each day, when the bikers and hikers arrive in their overnight location, the team is rewarded with a beautiful sunset or a view over a reserve full of wild animals. 

After day 5, when the participants have raised their glasses to a successful finish of the Hike and Bike Challenge, the team visits the child burn center in the Red Cross War Memorial Hospital. Here, the children with burns are admitted and treated. The hospital is founded by the government, whereby there is only money for good medical care. The Phoenix Foundation is founded to facilitate phycological care, after care and scare care. Besides, the foundation provides clothes, toys and sleeping couches for parents to create room for fellow-sufferers to talk and to support each other. 

By seeing the result of the work of the Phoenix Foundation in the children’s burn center in person, the Dutch team of the Hike and Bike challenge is extra happy that they have been able to donate this foundation more than 25,000 euros so that they can continue this valuable work in the future.