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Application process

Please check the assessment criteria carefully. If you think your request fits within the scope of the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation, you can apply for support from the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation by giving a description of the project you would like support for using the form below or by sending an email to After receiving your request we will send you a confirmation by email. Your application will then be discussed at the next board meeting and we will inform you on the decision by e-mail.

Please read the assessment criteria!

In order to process your application, you must meet the assessment criteria. Read this through under the tab ‘assessment criteria’ at this page. Agree to this when filling in the form.

    Assessment criteria

      The application is eligible if:

    • The application fits (one of) the following themes: Increasing social participation, increasing labor participation, improving health systems
    • Young adults and / or adults are the target group of the application
    • The application is aimed at supporting a group of people
    • The application is aimed at inclusion (and therefore does not exclude people based on religion, race or ethnicity or sexual orientation)
    • The application is done by a non-commercial foundation, an association (NGO or social organization) or a social initiative with a legal person
    • The requested contribution is targeted, and essential to the success of the project
    • The requested contribution is one-off or multi-year, with a maximum number of three years.
    • The requested contribution financially fits within the framework of the foundation
    • In addition to the detailed application, a brief summary of the project is enclosed with the application.

      The application is not eligible if the application:

    • Is focused on support for facilitation of building construction
    • Is focused on individual support or health treatments
    • Excludes people based on religion, race or ethnicity or sexual orientation

    If you have questions about the application process or other issues, please send us a message via