14 November 2020

Social involvement is for everyone

Marius Touwen initiated the establishment of Zorg van de Zaak Foundation in 2014. ‘Over five years later, the Foundation has achieved a lot, but there is a lot to do in the world. ‘I understand that some people are now giving up hope, but if everyone does that, it’s the beginning of the end.
3 October 2020

Maasai in Kenya making ends meet

In June, we took action to avert the pending famine for families in the South of Kenya. Meanwhile, the markets are open once a week and the worst of the threat has been removed. In many villages, extra gardens are being constructed to safeguard the food provision.
25 September 2020

Women contributing to the recontruction of a post-genocide Rwanda

This year, Zorg van de Zaak Foundation will make a one-ff contribution to a micro-credit project in Rwanda. Women play a key role in rebuilding Rwanda. What is special about this project, is that the participants in 4 out of the 5 cooperatives are exclusively women. We hope that in this way, it will be possible for all connected members to save up, receive small loans and strengthen local commerce.
14 August 2020

Leo says goodbye to the board of Zorg van de Zaak Foundation

Leo van Veen reflects on a beautiful time in which a lot was achieved, and new chances are appearing at the moment. ‘Zorg van de Zaak Network possesses a great deal of professional knowledge, and there are opportunities all around the world to put it to use.’ Leo remembers it well. He left a conference room late one evening in Utrecht after a long meeting with the Foundation. On the way to his car, the inevitable thought came up: ‘What am I doing, being out this late?’. After all, he could have been doing something else that night. Leo realized that participating in the work of the Foundation is more than an evening’s congregating.
6 August 2020

Three professionals join board to strengthen the foundation

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation is very grateful that three professionals joined the board last month. Frans Werter has as a development sociologist more than 30 years experience in leading projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Saskia oversluizen works as psychologist at Skills and is as member of the works council the link with Zorg van de Zaak. Suus Theuws is program manager at Novadic-Kentron and will use her knowledge about health care in the Netherlands and Tanzania during her activities for the Foundation.
9 July 2020

Development projects may also be ‘unconventional’

Gine Zwart was at the cradle of the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation. She has over 25 years of experience with improving food security in Africa and other parts of the world. Recently, she departed after 5 years as a board member. ’10 girls playing football. I had underestimated how important that is, too.’
17 June 2020

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation to expand aid to Maasai

The Covid-19 virus did not skip over Kenya. The Maasai have been hit hard by the measures. The markets are closed and tourists stopped coming. That means that the cows and bracelets can’t be sold, and food can’t be bought. Many people are suffering from famine now.
12 June 2020

Partners Zorg van de Zaak Foundation are working with the Covid funds

The corona crisis has fierce effects: in The Netherlands, but also abroad. Our partners notice on a daily basis how people are facing new challenges. Especially for the people who are unable to work, the consequences are most extreme. The subsidies which we provided in April, are now being put to use in various ways.
29 April 2020

Covid-19: Zorg van de Zaak Foundation helps partners out

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming increasingly apparent for partners of the Foundation. Therefore, we have immediately started financing projects that support the most vulnerable people. Extra food supplies (‘immune boosters’) are being provided, and health kits are being distributed, so the spreading of the virus can be contained as much as possible.
13 April 2020

Action for Burns and Children Foundation starts projects to prevent burns among children in slums in South Africa

Action for Burns and Children (ABC Foundation) is committed to preventing burns among children and the treatment of burns victims.Het ingezamelde geld ging naar het Phoenix Burn project. The collected money was intended for the Phoenix Burn Project. This project is committed to child-friendly treatments for severely burned children, rehabilitation and aftercare. Besides, the Phoenix Burn facilitates prevention projects, whereas courses are given about preventing burns in schools and churches in townships in Cape Town.