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Covid pandemic still has disastrous consequences for many people
1 July 2021

Covid pandemic still has disastrous consequences for many people

In the Netherlands, vaccines are given out on a large scale and the number of infections and hospitalisations are going down. Unfortunatly, many population groups worldwide still suffer from the covid pandemic. For this reason, Zorg van de Zaak Foundation has chosen to give emergency aid in 2021 as well, to covid-related projects in areas where this aid is essential.

In India and Bangladesh, the consequences of the pandemic are extreme. Not only the infections form a problem, but the indirect consequences of the strict lockdown are causing problems. When covid-19 reached these countries in 2020, many people left the big cities, where they were earning their money, to go back to the countryside. When the situation seemed to improve in January 2021, many returned to the city. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck again in March of 2021. This time, rural areas were hit hard bu the pandemic as well. People are hungry and there is little opportunity to earn money, as stores, companies and markets are all closed. At the moment, Zorg van de Zaal is supporting three different projects to tackle the issue in India and Bangladesh.


Joint Action Network (JAN)

Who? Joint Action Network (JAN) is a group of driven social workers and activists inspired by the ideologies of freedom fighters from Indian history. They seek after an equal, peaceful and progressive India.

Where? India, Nalanda district in the state Bihar.

What? A distribution program of food packages and hygiene kits to combat hunger, malnutrition and the spread of covid-19. These packages consist of rice, beans, salt, onions, masks, soap and more. Additionally, they promote vaccination through an awareness program.

For whom? 500 poor and vulnerable families in 7 villages in the Nalanda district.


Mother Society

Who? Mother Society stands for “Miracle Organisation Towards Health and Education Remedial Society” and focusses on the health and education of poor and vulnerable communities.

Where? Indie, Kurnool district in the Andhra Pradesh state.

What? Through the distribution of food packages and hygiene kits, families are provided with a month’s worth of food and hygiene supplies. Additionally, longterm support is used so that families can support themselves after the pandemic.

For whom? 559 poor and vulnerable families in 4 villages in the Kurnool district.


Foundation Penelope & Foundation Batashi

Who? Foundation Batashi is supported through Foundation Penelope. Foundation Batashi supports development activities which promote knowledge exchange in Bangladesh.

Where? Bangladesh, Dhaka

What? Through an education program, hygiene and sex education is given to teenagers. They learn the importance of washing their hands, what Aids is and how to prevent diseases, which is very relevant during Covid-19 times.

For whom? Adolescents, mainly girls, on high schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Zorg van de Zaak is  freeing up budget in the time to come as well to spend on covid-related emergency aid projects.