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2 June 2021

Dalit girls gain access to education

The Dalits in India are at the bottom of the social ladder, and are even left out of the caste system. Discrimination based on the caste system is prohibited in India. However, the Dalits are confronted with it on a daily basis: they are denied access to health care, education, housing and work. Zorg van de Zaak Foundation is of the opinion that everyone is entitled to education and health care. Therefore, we will be a financing an organisation which gives Dalit girls a chance to go back to school. The organisation is called ‘SPRMMM’ and was found in 1984: SREE PADMA RANI MARY MAHILA MANDALI.
15 May 2021

Despite the Covid pandemic, Laurie IJzerman continues in Bolivia

Right before the lockdown was instated in Bolivia, I had hired new trainers. My first thought was: ‘How can I ensure that these people do not leave right away?’. The selection procedure had cost us a lot of time and energy. In the second round of interviews, we did role playing. After this, a three month therapeutic trajectory followed. In order to be a good trainer at Casa de la Alegria,  you will first have to go through therapy yourself. We expect trainers to locate their weaknesses. We expect them to be aware when they themselves become angry, and with which emotions they deal on a regular basis.
1 May 2021

Maya Aumaj overcomes her ilness and helps young people finding a job

I have studied literary studies and cultural anthropology, and I was confronted with a muscle disease at the same time. I no longer had any strength in my upper arms, and at the low point, I was unable to eat and speak properly. Luckily, the treatments had a positive effect, and I got the disease under control.
15 April 2021

Dasoli Tanti breaks through resistance on the tea plantation in Assam

Dasoli Tanti lives in Assam. When she was asked to become educator on the tea plantation, a new world opened up for her. ‘We live here on the Saamoo Tea Estate with the six of us. I have three younger brothers and sisters. My mother works as a contract labourer on the plantation, and my father has a permanent job in the factory where the tea leaves are processed. He has always given me all the space I needed to study: including in situations where things were very tight financially. He has never put pressure on me to get married. I am very grateful to my father for this.
1 April 2021

Residents work for social cohesion in Kanaleneiland

Voor je Stadsie is een programma dat maatschappelijk initiatief in de stad ondersteunt. In Utrecht Zuid West is Voor je Stadsie in de zomer van 2020 een actie gestart om de wijk mooier, socialer, groener en leuker te maken. Gedurende deze actie ondersteunt het programma Voor je Stadsie de lokale bewoners bij het voeren van actie om geld, hulp en/of materiaal in te zamelen om hun goede idee voor de buurt te kunnen realiseren.
15 March 2021

Paz Holandesa expands emergency aid in Peru

In May 2020, two months after a lockdown was imposed, a wave of corona patients emerged. The capacity of the existing hospitals immediately proved insufficient. Although state hospitals were completely taken over by the local government for the intake of Covid patients, lines were quickly forming in front of hospitals, and there was a shortage of IC beds, oxygen, protective clothing and medicine.
1 March 2021

Aunts take over Casa de la Alegria’s work during lockdown

Due to the lockdown, it was impossible to offer group trainings to traumatised children in Bolivia last fall. Our partner organisation searched for alternatives. The most vulnerable children received guidance over the phone. Additionally, foster mothers started playing an important role in care homes.
16 February 2021

Foundation contributes to support for small businesses in South Africa during the covid-pandemic

Aside from the number of infections, the socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are also huge in South Africa. During the COVID-19 pandemic, GEM initiated a project focussed on the development of innovative financial and socioeconomic tools in South Africa. The aim of the project is to help get the economic activity of small businesses started again during the pandemic.