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2 September 2021

‘Death is not on the agenda of many organisations’

A funeral is not just a heavy emotional burden; it can also put people into significant debt. Zorg van de Zaak Foundation wants to prevent people from ending up in difficult situations as much as possible. Therefore, we started giving financial support to SamSam. SamSam Funeral coaching helps people with a low income arrange a funeral. We spoke to the founder of the organisation, Andy Moeijes. She proves tireless in her efforts and she is a true advocate: ‘Death is no on the agenda of many organisations’.
15 August 2021

Table-cultivation systems in Suriname help youths and seniors

The ‘Impact Grow’ project started a small-scale agricultural company. Vegetables are cultivated via an innovative table-cultivation system. This company gives perspective to youths with a distance to the labour market. Additionally, seniors can gain social contacts through the project. Seniors often have a limited social circle and are in need of a meeting place. On the farm, contacts are made automatically, an income can be earned and knowledge is passed on to young people.
15 July 2021

2020 was the most challenging year for the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation so fa

2020 hit us, as the board of the Foundation, very deeply in our hearts. For over 5 years we have been working on cooperation, new ways of poverty relief and participation. When the civid-pandemic was a fact in April, our partners were immediately at risk of pulling the short straw. The lockdown put a halt to everything: trading on markets, helping traumatised children and regular healthcare. In some areas, famine soon became a bigger danger than the Covid virus.
1 July 2021

Covid pandemic still has disastrous consequences for many people

In the Netherlands, vaccines are given out on a large scale and the number of infections and hospitalisations are going down. Unfortunatly, many population groups worldwide still suffer from the covid pandemic. For this reason, Zorg van de Zaak Foundation has chosen to give emergency aid in 2021 as well, to covid-related projects in areas where this aid is essential.
15 June 2021

Young Professionals find a job with the help of their buddy

How do you find a job when you have a physical or mental disability? At Zorg van de Zaak Foundation, we work on answering that question. Our cooperation with the foundation ‘Studeren en Werken op Maat’ (SWOM) fits in with our endeavour to help everyone find a job. We give financial support to the trainings for the buddies: young people who have found a job and would like to share their experience with young professionals who are looking for a job through SWOM. In 2020, the use of buddies helped 13 people find a job.
2 June 2021

Dalit girls gain access to education

The Dalits in India are at the bottom of the social ladder, and are even left out of the caste system. Discrimination based on the caste system is prohibited in India. However, the Dalits are confronted with it on a daily basis: they are denied access to health care, education, housing and work. Zorg van de Zaak Foundation is of the opinion that everyone is entitled to education and health care. Therefore, we will be a financing an organisation which gives Dalit girls a chance to go back to school. The organisation is called ‘SPRMMM’ and was found in 1984: SREE PADMA RANI MARY MAHILA MANDALI.
15 May 2021

Despite the Covid pandemic, Laurie IJzerman continues in Bolivia

Right before the lockdown was instated in Bolivia, I had hired new trainers. My first thought was: ‘How can I ensure that these people do not leave right away?’. The selection procedure had cost us a lot of time and energy. In the second round of interviews, we did role playing. After this, a three month therapeutic trajectory followed. In order to be a good trainer at Casa de la Alegria,  you will first have to go through therapy yourself. We expect trainers to locate their weaknesses. We expect them to be aware when they themselves become angry, and with which emotions they deal on a regular basis.
1 May 2021

Maya Aumaj overcomes her ilness and helps young people finding a job

I have studied literary studies and cultural anthropology, and I was confronted with a muscle disease at the same time. I no longer had any strength in my upper arms, and at the low point, I was unable to eat and speak properly. Luckily, the treatments had a positive effect, and I got the disease under control.