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Partners Zorg van de Zaak Foundation are working with the Covid funds
12 June 2020

Partners Zorg van de Zaak Foundation are working with the Covid funds

The corona crisis has fierce effects: in The Netherlands, but also abroad. Our partners notice on a daily basis how people are facing new challenges. Especially for the people who are unable to work, the consequences are most extreme. The subsidies which we provided in April, are now being put to use in various ways.


The lockdown in Bolivia is strict: ‘You are allowed to go out one morning a week. That is when you can get your groceries. When you disobey, you get a huge fine’, says Laurie Ijzerman, the coordinator of Casa de la Alegria. Most the financial support in Bolivia was given to Estrellas de la Calle (‘Stars of the Street’). This organisation supports children by providing them with warm clothing and food. While children are normally guided in a centre, they are now forced to be at home with their parents all day. All parents struggle with mental health problems. The children usually earn their money on the streets, thus ensuring there is food on the table at home. That is now impossible. ‘The tension in these families is extreme. Children are forced to spend more time with their parents. I am worried about their situation’, says Laurie Ijzerman.

South Africa

In Naledi Village, most activities are cancelled due to the lockdown. The schools are closed as well. The children are at home now, and therefore cannot make use of the state-funded food programs at school. To deal with this, families now receive extra financial support from the Foundation. Additionally, people get extra food supplements to keep their immune system strong, and they are provided with disinfectant soap. This way, the chance of spreading the virus is kept to a minimum.



Pregnant women and young children are currently a risk group. Unilateral nutrition on the tea plantations in India causes iron deficiency. This can cause problems during pregnancy. We provide food supplements to prevent or cure iron deficiency. Young children between 1 and 7 years old get extra milk powder. In total, the extra support of the Foundation will be able to help 550 pregnant women and 2500 children.

At Global Hospital in India, keeping the Intensive Care going is a priority. The hospital is dealing with diminishing income, because many standard procedures cannot be carried out. There is a lack of funds to pay the salaries of IC staff. The Foundation is temporarily stepping in. The hospital (with a reach of 170.000 people) can now continue its work.