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Professional outfits provide prospect to a job
28 February 2020

Professional outfits provide prospect to a job

With our support to the project ‘Dress for Success’, 15 work seeking people got a professional job application outfit. For those people, mostly living on social welfare benefits, the distance to the labour market it big. Dress for Succes makes this distance smaller by giving advice on their presentation. The focus is on the outfits. The people get professional advice on their outfit, so that they also get more self confidence. In practice, the probability of getting a job turns out to increase. 

Dress for Success has at the moment 9 stores throughout the Netherlands, which are mainly maintained by volunteers. Those volunteers give their fashion and presentation advice with passion and pleasure. Dress for Success Amsterdam, for example, hosts yearly more than 1000 outfit sessions for work seekers, to give them a step towards economic independency. 

And Successfully! Participants are happy with the result of their visit to the Dress for Success store: ‘I did not know what to expect. I was met with care and attention, and not in the sense of that I was a person requiring help. In the end, through the help of Dress for Success, I got a job!’ The participants leave the store gratefully and with extra self confidence.