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Project in Gambia

Care for Natural

About this project

The Foundation Care for Natural is committed to employment opportunities in Gambia. Care for Natural manages a forest area that is being planted and protected. Additionally, there is a training centre in which local natural products like fruits, spices and nuts get processed into finished products.

In the training centre, women learn how to conserve natural products by drying, cooking and canning. As a result, they learn how to make oils, among other things. The oils, together with beeswax, form the basis of healing ointments. For instance, Care for Natural has a testing Aloe Vera plantation. Drinks and products for the skin are made from the Aloe Vera plants.

The Foundation supports the commissioning of a new piece of land in Kololi. Care for Natural will plant new, nutritional crops here.

• A bean tree (cajanus cajan). The Cajanus (pigeon’s pea) is a perennial legume and a perfect protein source. Thanks to the deep roots, the crop is resistant to drought.
• The Moringa (‘wonder tree’). Care for Natural wants to use the moringa as a food supplement for malnutrition.
• There will be hundreds of beehives. The moringa’s flowers and the pigeon’s pea give high quality honey.

In Gambia, there is a serious food shortage: especially of proteins, vitamins and minerals. The planting of the new crops fits Care for Natural’s mission of creating jobs and ensuring that children have access to healthy food.