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Embassy of the Earth

About this project

Embassy of the Earth started out with the dream of establishing meeting places on every continent. These places exist specially to discuss an acute problem, as well as the changes which could help improve the situation.

In many areas, the age-old wisdom of local populations has fallen into disuse. Embassy of the Earth sets itself the goal of organizing meetings for all stakeholders involved and of putting all of the available knowledge to use once more. We support this approach because people commit to positive changes in their own environment and in doing so, they focus not only on their own interests but also on those of society as a whole.

In Kenya, the Embassy cooperates closely with the Maasai under the name ‘White Mountain’. The White Mountain Community is a collaboration of 16 Maasai-communities. Over a year ago, they initiated the collective restoration of the landscape and the strengthening of their livelihood in a region affected by ever graver and longer periods of drought. The vision is: “Recovery of the snow cap of the Kilimanjaro”. The water supply in the area would then be warranted once more.

Much of the ancient customs and culture of the Maasai are aimed at the long term but run the risk of being forgotten. It is innovative to revive an old culture and with it, make the land inhabitable again. ‘The erosion of the land and the erosion of the culture go hand in hand’, as it is strikingly phrased there. Hopefully, the tide can turn in more and more places.