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Global Hospital

About this project

The J. Watmull Global Hospital in Mont Abu, India, is a hospital that provides healthcare from a perspective that the human is a physical, emotional and spiritual unit. People from all classes are treated with the same respect. The hospital covers a great rural area where about 700 000 people live.

Goal of the project

  • Support and co-creation given by the Foundation.
  • For a period of two years provide coverage of the cost of two mobile clinics that provide healthcare to 180 000 people in more remote areas.
  • Education and training of 5 nurses who have are disadvantaged because of their background, i.e. girls and/or people with a physical challenge.

Up to now three young women and a gentleman have been selected for the training to become nurses. The course for the nurses is a four year course and the Foundation has the intention to support these students and activities for the coming years. This decision has been taken after the positive results of the last period.

At the request of the Global Hospital, two nurses from the Red Cross Hospital in the Netherlands will go to India beginning of 2017 to provide practical training, especially on the treatment of burn wounds.

Local nursing education for underprivileged people in India
Dr. Shalini Ranjan Gupta

“I am so glad to be a part of this team”

I am amazed by the kind of work we have been doing in the mobile clinics. Before working here, for the major part of my career, I was a practicing gynaecologist, but the satisfaction I get from working with village folk is far more rewarding. Tribal communities and villagers are still steeped in superstition. I was surprised to see this even in modern times. Our intervention through mobile clinics has a huge impact on their lives, I am so glad to be a part of this team.