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Project in South Africa

Going the Extra Mile (GEM)

About this project

The GEM is a mobile platform in South Africa that was established in 2012. Volunteers can earn digital credits (GEM’s, 1 GEM = 1 Rand) by participating in events such as neighbourhood clean ups which are meant to make the neighbourhoods cleaner and nicer to live in. The (local) companies sponsor the credits and the volunteers can exchange these credits for call credit, food, and other stuff, all through their cell phone accounts.

Goal of the project

  • To create a sense of wellbeing in the communities
  • To deploy unemployed youth in a constructive and helpful way and help them gain positive experiences
  • Help build confidence and awareness of the own impact on the environment of participants
  • Stimulate recycling of garbage
  • To make connections between different communities and ethnicities
  • Generate a little income by earning credits

The Zorg van de Zaak Foundation contributes to the salaries of the project leader for a period of one year (up to the end of 2016). The goal is that hereby the project will be developed further so in the future it will be self-sufficient. Part of the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation contribution is spent on communication, technological development, financial administration, audits and rent.

39 social activities were organised in 2015 and a total of 1230 people participated in these activities, earning a total of 47090 GEM’s.

GEM: working together on a better environment in neighbourhoods in South Africa
Gayle Bissay
Loyal GEMer

“Thumbs up to GEM - it's apps like these which truly allow me to be the change I want to see in the world.”

I have been using the GEM app for just over 3 months. What I love about the GEM app is that it literally enables me to go the extra mile with no fuss or hassle. I use this app on a weekly basis and its user friendly platform warms my heart every time I log on.

From the user experience to the actual design: this app has truly changed the way I think about 'community work". It enables me to choose and register for events near me and of course getting rewarded for work well done is always great, though in this case it's just another cherry on top.

Thumbs up to GEM - it's apps like these which truly allow me to be the change I want to see in the world.