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About this project

From the beginning of 2017, the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation supports the LifeGoals foundation

LifeGoals is a foundation that offers people who for whatever reason are stranded in life by offering new opportunities through sports. Vulnerable people such as the homeless, refugees, addicts, teen-moms, ex-detainees or psychological ill people are inspired to get a hold on their own life by participating in sports activities. Through customized sports programs participants learn to collaborate, become self-confident, develop themselves and ultimately participate in society once more. Together they learn to build a new future.

By working with local foundations which are led by trained LifeGoals coordinators the sports programs can be tailor-made for the local situation.

In addition to the coordinators, local Community coaches are responsible for setting up and conducting the sports programs for the participants. These community coaches aim to inspire others and help them develop themselves.

Goal of the project

The aim of the LifeGoals project is to help people who are on the downside of society:

  • To create new opportunities and build up a new future
  • Learn to collaborate
  • Inspire others
  • Give them a feeling of belonging somewhere

With the support of the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation, LifeGoals has set-up several local foundations in different municipalities.

Using sports to work on a new future together
Ishan Kol
LifeGoals Participant

“LifeGoals has learnt me to enjoy life again and I can see the program also learns others to make the best of their lives.”