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Project in Peru

Paz Holandesa

About this project

In Peru, structural investments of the government into public health care are lagging behind. In Latin America, the average investment is 3.5% of the GNP. In Peru, it is around 1.6%. What is positive, is that direct health care is offered to the poorest population groups. But some surgeries are not included in this. Paz Holandesa takes on part of the direct care. An example are surgeries for children with birth defects.

We support Paz Holandesa because

• A huge difference can be made locally for (socially and economically) disadvantaged kids through the use of mobile clinics.
• A hospital was founded which will be able to function independently in time.
• The work is executed by local employees as much as possible. As a result, the job opportunities in Peru are directly supported.

Main activities of Paz Holandesa

• Cleft lip and palate surgeries (cleft lip corrections/closing open palates), burn corrections and urological surgeries. This includes aftercare, such as speech lessons, psychological support and medical rehabilitation.
• Management of the ‘Tony Molleapaza Rojas’ children’s hospital in Arequipa.
• Training and informing all the people involved in the treatment: from parents and nurses to the medics. For instance, trainings in nursing, surgical techniques, burn care, control of incontinence.
• Donating medical packages to local hospitals. Organizing mobile clinics to grant medical help in the region.
• Founding of patient associations.