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Project in the Netherlands

SWOM (Stichting Werken en Studeren Op Maat)

Over het project

The Foundation Werken Op Maat (SWOM) wants to give young professionals with an employment disability a chance on the job market. SWOM was founded in 2012 and is currently working with 75 organisations which endorse its societal value.

In the Netherlands, there is a large group of highly educated young people with an employment disability. It concerns at least 44,000 youths. As a result of a chronic illness, a mental and/or a motor disability, there are removed from the job market. Often, it takes them great struggle to finish their degree.

For this group, it is a challenge to find or maintain a job. Many young people are at a risk of becoming socially isolated already during, or soon after, their studies.

The Foundation gives financial support to SWOM’s buddy project. Young people who found a job share their experiences with peers who are still being guided by SWOM. Among other things, they get training in the principles of coaching and the giving and receiving of feedback.

The Foundation finances the trainings and the gatherings which are organized for the youths. The work is done in relatively small groups, in order to ensure that everyone receives sufficient personal attention.

We get to work with three trainings:

1. Getting to work as a buddy!
2. How to tell your story?
3. How to move someone else?

The youths who are giving this guidance are not professionals, and sometimes have a vulnerable background themselves. The training is there to ensure that the conversations are successful and to help the buddy keep an eye on their own wellbeing.