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Three professionals join board to strengthen the foundation
6 August 2020

Three professionals join board to strengthen the foundation

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation is very grateful that three professionals joined the board last month. Frans Werter has as a development sociologist more than 30 years experience in leading projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Saskia oversluizen works as psychologist at Skills and is as member of the works council the link with Zorg van de Zaak. Suus Theuws is program manager at Novadic-Kentron and will use her knowledge about health care in the Netherlands and Tanzania during her activities for the Foundation.

Frans Werter is involved in projects in the Netherlands and abroad where many different stakeholders work together. In Utrecht he works on the development of an integral environmental vision for the city centre. In Pakistan, he was involved in strengthening local governance and participation. ‘A common thread in my life is to stand next to people who don’t have it easy in life. I care about the autonomy and respect for people. Everyone must be able to have the power of their own life and be able to contribute in their own way. It is always important to take the other person into account. I like to contribute to creating the preconditions under which people can do this and engage in a dialogue.

Saskia Oversluizen has been active as a psychologist and supervisor for over 20 years in all work-related themes, such as reintegration, absenteeism and outplacement. She is also a multiple Dutch high jump champion and can use a wide network in the world of sport and reintegration. She wants to use her knowledge in these areas to further expand the work of the Foundation. ‘My grandfather was a generous man, he inspired me to give meaningfulness. He gave me the experience of the great gift of giving. I feel rich when I give. I am grateful to have the resources to do so and it brings me joy that I can make a difference to those who wish to receive it.’

Suus Theuws has been working as a practitioner and manager in mental health care for almost 25 years and has also always had an eye for people who cannot fully participate in society. She founded the ‘Driving Nurses’ foundation, which focuses on improving the health of mothers and children in East Africa. She is also chair of ‘De 40 van Breda’: a running event intended to raise funds for a better future for children in the Netherlands and Africa. She is currently working with the government and local partners to improve mental health care in Tanzania. ‘It is my passion to lovingly and effectively support people with a disadvantage in society, to make them feel valuable again.’