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Together in a new way
18 December 2020

Together in a new way

And then, everything was suddenly different. In March of this year, The Netherlands were locked, and it seemed as though everybody was mainly dependent on themselves. There were various forms of support and financial assistance, but the future became uncertain for everybody.

The same thing happened to many of the partners we work with all over the world. For instance, the ‘lockdown’ led to people being unable to sell their merchandise on markets in Kenya, Burundi, Bolivia, and South Africa. We watched with sad eyes as governments tried to impede the spread of the virus, resulting in more people collapsing due to hunger. This is a dilemma which we would rather not have seen in practice.

On April 14th, we picked up the phone and took stock of the accute problems. Requests started coming in and on April 23th, we were able to give direct financial support for the first emergency relief. The Foundation is proud of having been able to act this quickly. In Burundi, our partner ‘De Toekomstzaaiers’ immediately got to work in schools, in order to educate people on the virus’ risks. In India, people came together on the plantations to consistently implement the new work rules.

To us, the new ‘together’ also means responding to needs in The Netherlands as well as on the other side of the world. Our gaze has become very inwardly focussed this year. This is understandable. We have to do so much to prevent contamination. And of course, we work on making sure we stay healthy. As a result, we run the risk of losing sight of situations elsewhere in the world.

Our message is: ‘Let’s do it together. Look around you, support each other and stay involved!’ Especially now, it is a good thing to show your concern and to help other people.The

In 2021, the Foundation feels connected to all people who want to contribute to society. All of our projects in The Netherlands and the rest of the world are focussed on people leaving situations of dependence and getting a full grip on their lives. We feel combative. De United Nations have calculated that as of now, 200 million people have fallen below the absolute poverty line due to the current pandemic. This alone is a reason for us to work even harder.


As the board of the Foundation, we feel both motivated and grateful. We are mainly happy that there are more and more ways in which we can make a difference. That is the ‘new together’!


The Zorg van de Zaak Foundation Board: Susanne Loth, Bärbel Weiligmann, Suus Theuws, Frans Werter and Saskia Oversluizen