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Trainings for young people with a handicap lead to personal leadership
15 December 2021

Trainings for young people with a handicap lead to personal leadership

Young people with a mental disorder are vulnerable citizens, they get humiliated, exploited, abused. Through the years, they have developed a negative self-image and they lack confidence. Through the Right to Decide trainings, Niketan helps young people with a disability get a more positive self-image and teaches them to stand up for themselves. The trainings are aimed at social skills, work attitude, personal hygiene, sexual education, and handling money.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation for many young people with a handicap deteriorated, and they are confronted with a dangerous situation: staying at home. The trainings are now a highlight of the week so they can forget the corona-induced stress. Niketan gives trainings for 68 young people with disabilities.

After the trainings, 27 youngsters indicate they are proud to see themselves as a valuable person for their family and community because they gained knowledge that wasn’t present in their families or surroundings yet. 65 young people said to be better at standing up for their own norms and values after the trainings. The trainings allow the young people to protect themselves better and to improve their social skills, causing them to be appreciated more within their families.

The trainings are multidimensional. Social skills are trained, featuring basic skills, such as handling criticism and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Violence against women is a social, cultural, and economic problem in Bangladesh. In the training about personal leadership, the focus is on making yourself heard and being able and daring to stand up for yourself. The topic of what is normal ad what is not when it comes to sexual expression is discussed. This can also help young people defend themselves better should it be necessary.

Practical skills are trained as well. In the money management training, the young people learn how they have the right to make decisions about their money, despite their disability. Furthermore, there are trainings in carpentry, manual work and agricultural activities.

Despite the Covid-19 situation, the trainings are a big success, and the organisation is proud of the positive impact they have had on the lives of young people. Since September 12th, the schools have re-opened, allowing young people to focus more on their personal development not only during the trainings, but also at school.