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Zorg van de Zaak employees biking for cancer research
12 February 2020

Zorg van de Zaak employees biking for cancer research

Many employees of the Zorg van de Zaak Network have committed to a charity in 2019. One of the highlights was the fundraising for KWF Kankerfonds (Cancer Fund). The team (‘Team for You’) aimed at raising 20.000 euros, and this amount was amply achieved. The eventual amount the team raised was almost 40.000 euros, 1.000 euros of which were contributed by the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation. An amazing achievement!

Team For You consisted of 7 members. 5 walkers, including corporate doctor Annette Schele, and two cyclists. ‘The first climb went pretty smoothly. I was so happy I could walk: I threw my back out the previous week, but thanks to massaging, my back was alright again. However, due to the long trip and sleeping in a different bed, my symptoms returned and I was treated by the physiotherapist on the Alpe twice. These are also all volunteers, who treat us “free of charge”.’

At the end of the first climb, at the top of the mountain, the team was met by supporters: ‘Lovely to be received that way!’ During the second climb, the team was cheered on in the 7th turn: the Dutch turn. ‘So nice to see your loved ones, to be cheered on and to get that adrenaline kick! And it was definitely necessary, because it was tough…’ says Annette. The second finish at the top of the mountain was difficult to describe: ‘Emotional, broken, happy, and very proud: everything mixed together!’

In the evening, the team and all the supporters concluded this beautiful event on the camping with a dinner in the party tent, speeches from the team and cards and flowers. Afterwards, Annette ‘went to bed extremely content and satisfied, after a very special day’.