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Zorg van de Zaak Foundation helps lunchroom ‘Tikkie Anders’ to navigate through the corona crisis
7 January 2022

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation helps lunchroom ‘Tikkie Anders’ to navigate through the corona crisis

Lunchroom ‘Tikkie Anders’ in Sleeuwijk proved that it is possible to provide employment for people with disabilities and be financially self-sufficient. The income from catering and funds for day programme activities for employees ensured that everything ran smoothly. Until the corona crisis broke out. 

Founder Nienke de Groot made a big decision in 2019 to start a second social enterprise named ‘Kadofabriek ’n Tikkie Verderop’, where 15 people can work and is accessible to wheelchairs. The gift factory sells all kinds of delicacies, including apple pies, roasted nuts and cheeses. 


Caught between a rock and a hard place

When the corona crisis started, the lunchroom’s income dropped in a short time. The Kadofabriek had only just been established and could not yet rely on sound financial statements. ‘Because the government only looked at turnover, and not at the costs a foundation has, we, unfortunately, did not qualify for any support package from the government,’ De Groot writes in her letter to the Zorg van de Zaak Foundation: ‘We were annoyingly caught between ‘a rock and a hard place’.  


Perseverant & involved

The team’s perseverance in trying to keep their heads above water was striking. While the lunchroom was not doing so well, they made lunch boxes and other products that people could order and take home immediately. Another thing that struck Zorg van de Zaak Foundation was that so many people involved in this project enjoy their work. We knew that our financial support would go to a good cause and help the lunchroom to get through this corona crisis.


A great success

This year the ‘Tikkie Anders’ foundation has succeeded in offering a workplace to 25 people with a mental disability. We are delighted that this has happened. Nienke de Groot will continue with her work in high spirits: ‘I think it’s very important that everyone feels safe and welcome. As this will allow you to grow. And of course that you can be yourself’.

Rika is 84 years old and has worked for more than 7 years in the lunchroom and after that continued in the gift factory. She has calculated that she peels 3,000 apples a year for the homemade apple pies. 

Niels has been working in the gift factory for two years. He welcomes all the customers in the store. Niels is also good at doing chores that require precision. In the picture, he is busy preparing the labels that will be put on the homemade products.