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Zorg van de Zaak Foundation to expand aid to Maasai
17 June 2020

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation to expand aid to Maasai

The Covid-19 virus did not skip over Kenya. The Maasai have been hit hard by the measures. The markets are closed and tourists stopped coming. That means that the cows and bracelets can’t be sold, and food can’t be bought. Many people are suffering from famine now.

The curfew and rules surrounding transport are making it very difficult to let the cattle graze or to get to the city. For the time being, the corona measures are a bigger threat than corona itself. The lock down will last until at least July 6th, but the peak in infections has not been reached yet. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the measured will be relaxed.

Zorg van de Zaak Network will step up for the Maasai. On June 27th, Go-Fit 2020 will take place. This day will be all about exercising together by hiking, running or biking. For every participant of Go-Fit 2020, Zorg van de Zaak donates 10 euros to White Mountain Maasai Community in Kenya.

Young Maasai men are used to traveling around 60 km on foot on a daily basis, as they take their cattle through the savanna. The cattle are the main source of income. The women make traditional, colourful jewellery with beads. These are sold to tourists.

Zorg van de Zaak Foundation has already been working with ‘Embassy of the Earth’ since last year. This is the organisation which supports the Maasai from the Netherlands. All income is used for food aid activities to counter the famine caused by corona. A food- or soap package consists of rice, beans, corn, oil, milk, soap and face masks. One package supplies a family with food for 8 to 10 days.

The White Mountain Community is a collaboration of 16 Maasai communities in Kenya. Over a year ago, they started collectively repairing the landscape and strengthening their livelihood in a region that’s dealing ever graver and longer periods of drought. The vision is: “recovery of the Kilimanjaro’s snow cap”. With that, the water supply in the area should be guaranteed once more.

Look at the website of Embassy of the Earth for more information.